Architects are hired to design a built environment. You might not be aware of what built environment is. In the simplest words, it is a surrounding created by humans, for humans and is used for human activities. It includes urban space, roads, park, roads, cities etc. However, services of an architect are also required if.. read more →

The objective of conducting monitoring survey is to monitor movement of a particular structure. These surveys serve the purpose of collecting survey data by monitoring levels or position of a structure. Apart from structure, movements of its surroundings are also monitored. The information collected in these surveys is used to display positional and height movements.. read more →

Earthworks, in the term of archaeology, are a kind of artificial transformations that are brought to the piece of land and/or property, which includes the pile of sculptured rocks and soil. The sectors, like mining, construction, metallurgy, land surveying, and farm surveying are just a few to get listed where the use of this kind.. read more →

Farms represent itself as a distinct division among all the other division of establishments, which deliberate both personal & business needs. Most of the agricultural & farming land is operated by a sole owner, while some other farms include intricate ownership & operational duties. Moreover, agriculture farming involves a different set of products & production.. read more →

About 10,000 years ago man learned the art of farming which helped him to settle at one place and this eventually resulted establishment of societies, villages and towns. It is not wrong to say that the art of farming made him civilized. With the passage of time he started using tools and fertilizers to make.. read more →